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The April meeting of “The Book Review Club” has me reminiscing about our time living and writing in Florida and talking about Caught in a Trap by my husband and technical writer, screenwriter, and novel writer, Rich Eckardt.

Part humorous mystery, part romantic comedy, Caught in a Trap introduces Sonny Lanai, wacky Florida detective. When Sonny meets his client, a doll named Barbie, he’s consumed by a case that changes him forever. And everyone in his path is left gasping for breath after they live through the antics that Sonny and his cohorts wreak on Tampa Bay.

Barbie has a problem: She’s afraid someone is after her. And, that’s easy to believe because she’s recently widowed from the Tampa Tycoon (or Pookie Pants, as she called him), and she’s now a rich woman. What looks like a simple case is anything but when Sonny Lanai gets involved, turning every situation on its ear.

Sonny faces some tough questions: Was Barbie’s husband’s death really an accident? Who dog-napped Barbie’s precious dog? How can I look cool with my untied shoelace wrapped around the wheel of my chair? But, despite some setbacks, Sonny prevails over the bad guys and finds that, unbelievable as it might be, true love can smile on Sonny Lanai, Private Eye.

Florida is the home of several wacky mystery writers – or I should say the characters in the novels are wacky – lol! There’s just something about the state that inspires writing about humorous people and situations.

My Jersey Shore hubby (Rich) and I, both Silicon Valley technical writers by day, began writing fiction before we moved to Florida. But no place inspired us to write like Florida did. The character Sonny Lanai was born when we looked out at the back patio (called “lanai” in Florida and Hawaii) and said, “Look at that sunny lanai.” Florida wacky humor, for sure, and Caught in a Trap was the result of that.

Moving back to Florida has been on our minds for some time, and Caught in a Trap offers a fun peek into that place. I wanted to share that with you for this month’s book review.

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