cover_TJC_180Behind the Scenes of The Tom Jones Club – I thought I’d post this earlier post about visualizing scenes while working on the book – at the time hoping and praying it would sell and so fun to revisit this now that it has sold.

The book stars Lucky and her last chance to find love in Vegas, of all places.  It may be called “The Tom Jones Club” but you really can’t talk about Vegas without mentioning Elvis, too. Anyway, this was first posted back in January. I’m so glad I didn’t give up on this book.

January 18, 2010

Working on my manuscript-in-progress set in Las Vegas, I need to visualize some of the details in the scenes. So, like many writers, I collect pictures. Some writers find their characters by looking at people on the web or pics of celebrities. I find them in my head. But for the setting, the surroundings, the details, I need visual stimulation.

Today I’m writing a scene set in a Las Vegas Steakhouse and have chosen TJ’s Steakhouse at the Las Vegas Hilton:


Isn’t that pic fabulous? Check out the celebrity photos on the wall, although you may have to squint to do so. This is what I love about the Las Vegas Hilton – it retains some of the old Vegas charm that’s missing today with the newest and swankiest casinos. It’s also located off-Strip, and I find it more relaxing. I also recall dining at a Prime Rib restaurant that’s no longer there and walking past Mr. T’s table – remember him? He was all decked out in his gold jewelry, as you’d expect.

When Elvis first came to Vegas, he was a big flop. Back then, mostly older folks came to Vegas and they were not Elvis fans. I remember a friend’s much older parents traveling to Vegas every August from their home in southern California and staying at the Tropicana. The glittering chandelier is still there, but the Trop has lost its charm and any class it once had.

So, check out this video of Elvis’ big return to Las Vegas at the International, now known as the Las Vegas Hilton, back in ’69.