I’m so excited – pre-orders are now available for the first release of my new romance novel The Tom Jones Club.

I say first release because my publisher releases the book first on their web site – http://www.bookstrand.com – in the following formats: Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Reader, HTML, Mobipocket, EPUB. The second release will be for Kindle. And the third release is for print.

I’ll announce the exact dates as I get them. But the first release is next Tuesday, September 28, and pre-orders are available now. You can also read an excerpt on their web site.


AVAILABLE: Tuesday, September 28th
Back Cover

International wine director Lucky Stryker, the “Lucky Lady,” is lucky in the boardroom, but unlucky in love. But the last thing she expects is to land in the arms of a cowboy during the Tom Jones Club convention. A hot week with a cowboy in Las Vegas is one thing—eternity is another.

Fearing that any woman he gets involved with will leave him–the way his mother left his father–Eric Blake chooses women who are guaranteed to fulfill that prophecy. And Lucky Stryker is no exception.

When Lady Luck throws the red hot dice, Lucky and Eric cash in on a red hot sizzling romance. So when their pasts catch up to them, and neither is who they appear to be, they are forced to answer these questions, “Can their hearts keep the promises their bodies have been making?” and “Will they finally get lucky in love?”