Kindle Release Day for THE TOM JONES CLUB

Breaking news: THE TOM JONES CLUB is now available on for the Kindle.

What is THE TOM JONES CLUB? It’s romance, it’s chick lit, it’s a bit of a mystery. It’s where Orlando meets Las Vegas, it’s Rat Pack, it’s Mad Men. It’s wine, food, fun from the entertainment capital of the world. And there’s even a cowboy or two…

In the end, you decide what it is. But Lucky thinks it’s all about her – maybe because she insisted this book find a publisher. And here’s what she has to say:

I can tell what kind of a man he is by the wine he drinks. – Lucky Stryker, International Wine Sales Rep, The Tom Jones Club

Italian: Sexy (40 percent) and stylish (37 percent)
French: Pretentious (76 percent) and high-maintenance (65 percent)
Champagne with orange juice: Metrosexuals, secure in their manhood

I’ll be curious how THE TOM JONES CLUB compares to REAL WOMEN WEAR RED. So, if you’ve read both, which one did you prefer? Who did you most want to be – Cyn or Lucky? Why?

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