What’s new is that I received my author copy of A SHAKER OF MARGARITAS: HOT FLASH MOMMAS, published by Mozark Press, in the mail yesterday and I’m so impressed. For one thing, I love printed books. I’ve often heard authors say they wanted to sleep with their books and I know the feeling. I’m thankful to the digital readers out there but I’m definitely a print kinda gal.

In fact, I’ve loved the printing process since I was a kid penning my first piece of fiction. I folded the paper together to make it look like a book, and wondered how in the world it ever actually became a printed book. In the first week of my junior high journalism class I found out when we toured the print shop, and I’ve been in love with printed books and the printing process ever since. So much so, I worked in the printing/publishing industry for years in San Francisco – before the high-tech world of Silicon Valley lured me away.

So, what is the future of the printed book?  Bob Mayer has been posting some interesting articles about the future of the printed book going the way of Starbucks – just when they pronounce the printed book as dead, it will make a resurgence in boutique, niche book stores. As a lover of books and coffee way before Starbuck’s, I’m excited to think of that kind of future.

One thing I love about A SHAKER OF MARGARITAS is that it’s a much-needed fun, virtual girlfriend experience – so needed in today’s darker world. So, get your girlfriend weekend on by reading A SHAKER OF MARGARITAS: HOT FLASH MOMMAS – available in print and Kindle – don’t forget to check out my story VIVA LAS VEGAS, and then continue your Vegas journey in THE TOM JONES CLUB – available on Kindle now and Print coming early 2011.

Now it’s time to play a little Tom Jones.


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