Some of the scenes in my writing were inspired by real-life events that happened at Disney World when we lived in Florida. For example, check out this scene:

“Excuse me. I need to catch my ride.”
A tall, dark and handsome stranger wearing the tightest black jeans Lucky had ever seen pasted on a man tucked into grey leather cowboy boots slid past her as she stepped back, allowing him to pass. Until now, she hadn’t realized she was blocking the transportation desk while she waited for her car. 

The desk was extraordinarily busy, and she had to wait longer than she normally did. Her plane wasn’t the only one that had landed at McCarran this evening. With so many people flying in from faraway locations, evening arrivals were probably one of the most popular in Las Vegas. And tonight, most were waving “Tom Jones Convention” banners. They seemed to be taking over the town.

“Oh, yes, of course.”

“I try to be as unobtrusive as I can.”

“Well, you’re hardly that,” she laughed. A man that good-looking couldn’t possibly be unobtrusive.

I met the real Mr. Unobtrusive at the valet desk at the Animal Kingdom Lodge at WDW. While waiting for the valet to bring us our car after having a wonderful dinner at Jiko, a mysterious man scooted past me to pick up his bag and said, “Excuse me, but I try to be unobtrusive.” My head spun around so fast and my imagination was immediately caught up in this mystery. Who was this man and who says something like that? I really wanted to know his story – where was he from, what did he do, what was he doing at WDW – he didn’t seem like the usual guest.

Originally, this scene belonged to Copper – an Orlando resort concierge who claimed she could figure out where a person was from just by looking at him. Copper then made it into The Tom Jones Club as Lucky’s new friend and I gave Mr. Unobtrusive to Lucky and placed them all in Las Vegas. Instead of knowing where a man was from by looking at him, Lucky’s claim was knowing what kind of a man he was by what he drank – check out Lucky’s Guide to Wine and Men.