Chiron of Chiron Radio had a fabulous post this week featuring Imelda May and other amazing “new to me” lush women who sing the blues. And this led me off on my own search of new female singers on Pandora, which I discovered while creating an “Imelda May” station. Wow! What an incredible find! But before I share some of those with you, check out what Chiron said about Lucky in my latest romance novel, The Tom Jones Club:

One of my buddies, Kathy Holmes, shares my hunger for lush tunes. Her most recent book, The Tom Jones Club, features a cabaret singer which reminded me of Jeff Beck’s recent collaboration with Imelda May. To finish up our show, I have cued up a recent video of one of my very favorite guitar heroes and the delicious Imelda, with a song guaranteed to give you chills.

Imelda May – Walking in the Sand:

This definitely gives me the chills and speaks to my own blues singing soul, something I’d thought was my first love. But life has taught me that, instead of performing on a real live stage, I perform vicariously through the characters in my novels. No wonder so many of them are wannabe performers.

Here’s another one from Imelda May – Big Bad Handsome Man:

This led me to discovering The Mother Truckers – name alone cracks me up, and the title, oh yeah!

The Mother Truckers – Love Me Like a Man:

Here are some other fabulously lush women singers I discovered Saturday night:

Devil Doll – The One Who Got Away:

Eilen Jewel – Sea of Tears:

Missy Higgins – This is How it Goes:

Mink Stole – Sometimes I Wish I Had a Gun:

Ingrid Lucia – Sunny Afternoon:

Kim Lenz – He’s All Mine:

Gina Sicilia – Don’t Wanna be no Mother; Don’t Wanna Be no Wife:

And one more cuz I scared myself writing my suspense manuscript:
Katie Melua – Scary Films:

A huge thanks to Chiron for introducing me to this fabulous music and for the mention of Lucky and The Tom Jones Club. I hope you’ve all discovered something new, as well.