I’m in the pre-production stage of my next novel, Balboa Island. This is when I incorporate the edits from my editor, make notes about things I want to check one more time before reading the book out loud with my critique partner, and then send off to the publisher for my review copy. And then I check it all once again before actually releasing in Print and in electronic form.

But I have years of experience doing this, having worked in the printing, publishing, and technical world for decades. And one co-worker and I actually did do the reading outloud thing, including every piece of punctuation for Visa, one of our clients at that time. Ironically, hubby later worked for Visa and he took over that job. lol!

Anyway, I’m rejoicing in the fact that more and more writers are becoming Indie authors. I embraced it, resisted it, and then found my way embracing it again. It seems to suit me and what I write. And, like I said, publishing is nothing new to me. Publishing seems to change every day and the news today is about an Indie author who had gone with a major publisher and then decided to go back to being an Indie – she loved the control.

I know what she means. When I turned down an e-publisher for my first novel and pubbed it myself, I decided to go with a publisher for my second novel. And guess what? I so missed the control. So I’m going Indie with my next book. And while I can’t announce, “Just signed a contract with so-and-so,” I can say, “My book is in pre-production” or “I’m releasing my book on such-and-such date.” It is freeing.

I’ll be sharing more of the backstory and setting about Balboa Island in posts to come.