I don’t know about other writers, but I often have several titles in mind with each book I write. We hear how important choosing the right title is, but who knows what that is? Well, it’s down to the final three for my next novel, spanning the Korean War/Mad Men Era.

I would love to get your input either in the comments section of this post or on the poll on my Facebook page. And for those who suggest the winning title, I’ll enter you into the hat for a free electronic copy when it’s published.

The three choices are:

  • Balboa Island
  • Real Men Don’t Leave
  • Rosie’s Regret

 Thank you!


7 thoughts on “What’s in a Title?

  1. After writing the back cover blurb, some of us are realizing that “Balboa Island” or “Letters on Balboa Island” should be the title – captures the story better… thanks for all who participated!


  2. I could see how Part 1 could be “RMDL” but just reading Part 2, it seems so “Balboa Island.” This is going to be such a tough choice! Thanks for your input!


  3. You were able to leave a comment this time – YAY! Thanks for your input – I have a feeling that will be the title for the very reasons you cite and kinda goes with my “Real Women” theme – adding “Real Men.” But I wanted to make sure before I finalize it. Thanks again, my friend!


  4. I personally like Real Men Don't Leave. I think it would interest men to pick it up as well as women. Of course I love Balboa Isl, but then it might have people thinking it's just about the island and not the story.


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