The countdown begins for the release of Letters on Balboa Island, my latest novel. And so I wanted to share with you the cover and the blurb. I’m so excited by the cover and the title I finally chose because it best captures the essence of the story. I hope that you will be just as excited to read the book.

Letters on Balboa Island

cover_BI_150When Rosalie Martin was seventeen, she knew two things that were true: (1) You couldn’t help but meet a man in a military uniform in southern California in the 1950s, and (2) Sooner or later, men would leave. But that didn’t stop her mother, her sister, or even herself from trying to find a man who would stay. And before she knew it, she had not only one man on her hands, but two.

When Rosalie sends a Dear John letter to the one serving in the Korean War to marry the one back home, she begins a life of secrets and regrets. Years later, when letters surface on Balboa Island, she realizes she may have chosen the wrong man. So when fate gives her the chance to make a different choice, will she? Or will she continue to live a life of lies?

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