4-Star Review and Kindle Deal for Caught in a Trap

We just noticed that a 4-star review has been added to the 5-star and 3-star reviews for Rich’s novel, Caught in a Trap. The reader really got the book and said this:

This a truly wacky mystery with a lot of humor, a lot of satire, a bit of romance (no sex), and a travelogue of the Tampa/Pinellas area. I found it hilarious at times, ‘punny’ a lot, and a bit over the top at other times.

The way Sonny travels around the Tampa/Pinellas area (Safety Harbor to Bradenton to Riverview to Seffner to Tampa) is in itself hilarious. Having lived in the area over 20 years, some of his adventures were funny by themselves.

(PS – the minor editorial issues he goes on to mention seem to have something to do with the Kindle formatting, not the book itself. For some reason, readers love to mention these things and are often out of our control.)

I’d like to encourage Rich to write another book but it seems living in Tampa Bay was the inspiration. 🙂

Caught in a Trap is part of the Kindle Countdown deal, which means that if you need to replenish your Kindle library, the book is available for 99 cents today through next Thursday.


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