I think maybe the 4th of July celebrations are finally over. Last night was the first night I didn’t hear fireworks going off. As for the 4th itself, we had 3 fireworks shows we could watch from our resort living room.

We knew Disney would be supercrowded so we headed for our favorite Margaritaville spot in Port Canaveral for lunch.

Rich ordered some kind of Rum drink and I ordered a Margarita.

I had the Shrimp Cuban Sandwich – awesome – and Rich had the Mahi Mahi Reuben – the best Reuben ever, according to Rich. For some odd reason, he didn’t get any potato chips, so I gave him mine and concentrated on the Shrimp in my Cuban, which is far better, in my opinion, than a regular Cuban. But, then, I love Shrimp!

It was pretty hot out by then – too hot for walking or sitting on the beach – but instead of heading back to our resort, we decided to drive to New Smyrna Beach, which we expected to be crowded because of the special 4th of July activities and we weren’t wrong. People were parking everywhere, getting ticketed and towed, we read later.

So we took a quick peek at the ocean from our car, and then drove back to our resort.

We watched our usual Capitol Fourth show, this year hosted by John Stamos with guests such as the Beach Boys. Fun, as always. But really looking forward to celebrating the 4th next year in our new home.



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