Last year was our 20th wedding anniversary, and we celebrated all year long, including cruises and trips to Disneyland. We anticipated that, perhaps, this year would be the year we would finally leave Las Vegas for good, especially because the real estate market was favorable to selling our house.

What we didn’t expect is that this entire year would be devoted to “repositioning” (to borrow cruise ship lingo) ourselves from our home in Las Vegas to a new home in Florida.

During this in-between time, having arrived in Florida but waiting for a new house to be built, we have the opportunity to catch up with all the “old” new changes to Disney World before the “new” new changes begin. Still, we’re anxious to really settle in here, especially in our new home in a new town, and this waiting, living in that in-between space, in a too small of a space for the 4 of us and our house-sized furniture, in an area that will not be our future home, is frustrating, painful, and time seems to be standing still. (Obviously, I haven’t quite mastered the spiritual art of waiting yet, although, perhaps, it’s really a God lesson about appreciating where you are in the moment rather than waiting for waiting sake.)

We’ve bought new 3 times previously, but we’ve never been there quite this early in the process – there’s always been at least a foundation or framing already in progress. One of Rich’s co-workers who built a new house last year reassured us that the upfront stuff seems to take forever, but once things start happening, it all goes rather quickly.

I’m sure we’ll look back on this time fondly – we always do. I know this opportunity to build another new house is an unexpected and huge blessing, even if we’re quite anxious to get this thing started. But Christmas should be extra special this year if we truly are “home for Christmas.”

Not a bad “in-between” place – what I’m calling our “resort.”

Standing in front of our plot of land


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