Now that it’s August, it feels as if things are starting to move forward. We’ve been “on the road” for 12 weeks now, if you can call not really being settled in your own home being “on the road.” It certainly feels like it when many boxes are in storage and we have to do without whatever is in them until our house is built and we can finally settle in.

One difficulty is that we’re not living in the town where our house will be so instead of settling in here for 5 or 6 months and then upsetting everything and resettling in, we’re trying to “act as if” we already live there, going to church and hanging out in our new town. This, along with our frequent trips to Disney, keep us very busy. I’m still recovering from last week’s trip to the Magic Kingdom, always a difficult park to get to when it’s hot, crowded, and you’re offsite.

On Sunday after church, we noticed the ground had broken on our lot (see previous post). We’re hoping this means that we’ll meet with the construction manager soon and really get things rolling. August seems to hint at that and why it’s very exciting to see. Just seeing some activity this past week gave us a big boost.

On Saturday, we finally made it back to the Shrine in Orlando near Disney, always a boost. We really feel at home there. Following our visit, we did our usual post-Shrine tradition of lunch at Chevy’s. Orlando feels very much like California (the Shrine grounds, especially feel like San Diego with the type of palm trees and pond), and we’re feeling more at home here than ever before.




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