So, of course, after hearing from the construction manager, we were excited to drive by the community to see what else was going on. We noticed the house across the street from us is now finished. And then we noticed we’ve got top soil. Woo hoo! It’s always exciting to see some tangible progress.

Then we stopped in at the model to take another look around – it’s the same model as our home, although flipped, and it feels good to walk through it from time to time and get the feel of our future home. We just cannot wait!

Afterwards, we drove to the beach and decided to stop in at our favorite fish camp. I was craving their Salted Sea Dog so I got one of those and Rich got a Rum Runner and I had my usual Crab sandwich – so fresh and light – and Rich got his usual blackened Grouper sandwich.

Salted Sea Dog (like a Salty Dog but with a splash of pineapple added)

Rum Runner

We then relaxed, watching the waves and the water, totally feeling at home, dreaming of adventures by the sea and on the sea.

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