Disillusionment of a Writer (#poem)

When did we become so political?
Passersby in separate camps
When did we become so critical?
Of friends, lovers, uncles, and aunts

This is not how we live our lives in person
Why must it be so online?
People misinterpreting
Being so unkind

Do they do this on purpose?
Or is it happenstance?
Do they do this for a purpose?
TMI or lack of brain synapse?

I’m becoming stingy with my words
No longer writing volumes of novels
The drive to share, well, social media killed it
Just like romance readers killed chick lit

Nobody listens anymore
They like without clicking the link
They form an opinion way before
They take the time to read the thing

Yes, I’m becoming stingy with my words
Writing poems, songs, and music
Writing for me has far more allure
Than writing for the public