Night Time Lingers (#poem)

As night time lingers, sanity flees
Testing, testing, testing
Strength of character I once believed
I held for everlasting

The shore slaps three separate waves
Morning, noon, and night
Seconds, minutes, hours, days
Counting down til daylight

Sleeping peacefully after Mass
A rare and wonderful treat
Awakened abruptly by the cats
Screams from the abyss disturb my dreams

Pushed beyond my limits
My patience wearing thin
Completely out of my wits
And so I give in

How much longer can this last?
The calendar flirts with guile
Hissing a cat’s unrelenting chant
Praying he stops in a little while

I love him like the dearest child
There is nothing that he lacks
From meek and mild to weak and wild
I’m marching to hell and back