Like it or Not (#poem)

Secrets and lies kept us apart
The truth did arise that you were deep in my heart
I searched and I searched and alas you were found
But when I revealed myself, you didn’t want me around

I pulled away and wiped my tears
Rejection did not occur to me, wasn’t one of my fears
Was I so stupid to not realize
You couldn’t see the love I had for you as if in disguise?

In that moment, it all became clear
Why I didn’t fit in here, why I didn’t belong there
This feeling has haunted me my whole life through
How can I be me, what should I do?

I prayed and I prayed, “God, where are you?”
I listened and I heard, at last He came through
“I had a purpose when I Created you from that musical lot
You belong with them whether they like it or not”