The wisest woman I would ever know
Snuck into my life on a Bay Area back road
Champagne in hand with champagne blond hair
A French attitude and a daring air

“Don’t ever explain” she would say
Those tempting words will always betray
“Turn the page, don’t look back”
Make-up and heels to take out the trash

A case of wine, a listening ear on hand
“The heart has reason, reason can’t understand”
Younger women she took under her wing
Younger men were just a fling

She’d loved and lost along the way
She’d hit the glass ceiling in her day
She never backed down, never let them beat her
When their thirst for power swelled their member

Crusty on the outside like a French baguette
Soft and tender inside, that was Huguette
She lit the path of darkness the day we met
The wisest woman I’ll never forget