I threw myself into FAWM (February Album Writing Month – like what NaNoWriMo is for writers, FAWM is for songwriters) for the first time – I’d only heard about it a few days before the beginning of February. I proved to myself I could sit down at the computer in my music studio and write a song every day. I did that for 7 songs and then I literally froze up.

The muscles in my chest, neck, and back grew so tight, I shouted out in pain. Music was no longer fun. I was totally sick on Valentine’s Day. I slept all day and rested more on the day after and by Friday I was working on a song with a collab partner and the whole thing happened all over again. Music, it seems, is too much for me. At least FAWM is. So I had to bow out.

Rethinking my whole music focus, I began to think it was time to put it away and focus on writing. But then I picked up my latest Logic Pro manual and started programming drums. OMG!!! I could spend all of my time doing that. So I doubt I’ll be able to live this quiet life I’d imagined, reading and writing novels, quieting my mind without music. I don’t think that’s going to happen either. So I’ll have to choose wisely, whatever that is.

For today, I think it means I leave the drums alone and go back to some quiet reading, maybe writing. My brain has absorbed enough noise for the day, no matter how much I love it. Otherwise, I think I could totally go nuts playing electronic drums – it’s in my DNA. The drumming part that is. Or maybe the other part, too. 🙂