I’m circling the past tonight
Trying it on for good size
When is it time to go home
And when does it feel all wrong?

Comparing one place that used to fit
To another place I once lived
Who is more like me I think I can see
I must stick to what I truly believe

I left for a reason but is it still true?
Or am I longing for, am I chasing my youth?
I’ve taken turns changing becoming who I need to be
Will it squeeze me, twist me, steal my need to be free?

Fearing to lose all that I gained
To go back now would I feel ashamed?
The lure is powerful, opportunities abound
To where I was once lost but then I was found

Do I dare risk it all for one last hurrah?
Can I stick to my path, resist the siren call?
So many questions in the dark of the night
All will be answered in the broad daylight