Living in Las Vegas, I was not a fan of Daylight Savings Time extending until November. With such extreme brightness all day, all summer long, I couldn’t wait for the sun to set behind the mountains to give some relief.

However, living in Silicon Valley, I rather enjoyed it. After work, I still had time to walk around Lake Elizabeth and would time my walk to end as the sun was setting over San Francisco Bay.

This time last year, we were living in a Florida apartment while building a house in Florida. We were sad toward the end of the build because it was too dark to see the house after work. So, in that case, the Daylight Savings Time extension worked for us because we were able to see the house until just a month before we moved in at the beginning of December.

But now I, once again, can’t wait for the ending of DST because it’s too dark to enjoy my mornings out on the lanai. All summer I would get up early and sit outside, sipping my coffee, writing, praying, preparing for the day ahead and it was absolutely amazing. Truly, the best part of the day. I’m up now but it’s pitch black out. I think I’ll go out anyway and beat the early birds out walking. Or not. Maybe I’ll at least get the coffee going.

My morning view just a couple of weeks ago – at the same time now, except for the street lamp, it’s pitch black out