Through the Looking Glass (#poem)

Through the looking glass I see the past
Funny shapes go round and round
Reaching for the wind I cannot grab
Carousel spinning bringing me back

Night times looming without slumber
Fear gripping my skull
Frozen shards preen their splendor
Creative forces strike my surrender

Hearts on fire near my beloved
Breath on the window pane
I feel the essence of its touch
Memories gentle yet so rough

Worries abound in the midnight hour
I pray to shut it down
Counting down to daylight’s power
Sunlight optimism, my favorite flower

With age comes wisdom and its dark side
Absolute terror
Knowledge you cannot hide from your mind
Abounding in the night

Turning back is not an option
Time to put away yesterday’s toys
Would I have gone if I had known the outcome?
Questions I strum on my drum