Holy Week (#poem)

It’s Holy Week and I’m on the watch
Looking intently for my King
Unlike Peter, I’m not sleeping
Loss unlocks unbounding weeping
I cannot boast; my weakness betrays me
Love comes at such a cost

Searching for answers through constant praying
My playlist culls songs of heartache
Country, Rock, and Travis Greene
Oh the comfort YouTube comments bring
Unlikely comrades share the hard times
When answers seem to be delaying

My heart is touched by my fellow citizens
Hiding in a multitude of cloaks
Running from a culture of shame
Drinking, sexting, playing the Facebook game
“Lost sheep without a shepherd”
A whisper of Faith calls us back again

Like Mary keeping these things in her heart
I recall the miracles in my life
The job that came with perfect timing
Guitar strumming musician with the face of Jesus shining
”I go before you always” sung in a beachside church
My father’s love for my mother spoken like Bogart