Gazing at the USS Midway
Knowing that once upon a time I had a dad
Photos of Navy whites he was clad
Shipped to foreign ports so very far away

Tears of loss hit me now
Of all I miss as I get older
Anger in me grows and smolders
Forgiveness is something I must learn to master somehow

She promised to wait with a bun in the oven
She met a man, some thought he was Elvis
He strummed the guitar – he was her fairy tale bliss
She wrote a letter to keep sailor boy out and her new love in

Dear John, the letter began with a lie
Our marriage wasn’t legal, you’ll have to believe me
What choice did he have, 6,000 miles across the sea
When another man stole his unborn baby and his young wife?

The secret life she lived so sad
Affected so many after running away
Choices are accounted for in spite of the delay
Gone ten months now but it’s no lie
Once upon a time I had a dad