Blogmas, Day 11: She’s Not That Good (#wip #blogmas)

One of the questions that comes up in interviews or book tours is, “What are you working on next?”

I haven’t really said because I’m working on three or four things: two wips and writing songs, taking advanced classes in a couple of different DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations). But, hey, that reminds me of my main character in one of my wips.

Here’s a peek into her story, at least in its current draft state:


Brandi Redwine didn’t know her musician father growing up, but she knows her mother hates her love for music. Although she’s been told numerous times that she has a great ear for music, she can’t stick with any one instrument long enough to learn how to play it. At least, not very well. But that’s not all she’s not that good at.

After failing at job after job after job, she continues to search for something she can finally be good at, and she thinks it might be music after all. But after a disastrous stint in Nashville with her lying, cheating ex-boyfriend, she returns to San Francisco feeling like a loser. Especially when she can’t seem to keep a job there either.

Her best friend steps in and recommends her for an opportunity to compete for a job as part of a team building  event onboard a cruise ship. Auditioning for job after job within the company, she realizes her high school sweetheart is on board, and his girlfriend is also competing for the same contract. Brandi is even more demoralized when she realizes she isn’t that good at any of these jobs either. Ready to give up, she begins playing around with writing songs, working with the piano bar pianist and a dance club DJ, discovering her love for music production.

She finally starts feeling like she’s getting somewhere, but everything is resting on that final performance: not only her potential job but the entire company’s future. The stakes are even higher the night when she feels the pressure to live up to the family name. Will she be able to find her purpose in life? Will she find a future with her high school sweetheart? Will she ever be good enough?