I started to think that Logic Pro 10.7 was overkill for me and was introducing too many problems. This guy sums it up well (I really have little use for any of the 5 good features and the 5 poor features are a bit frustrating):

After watching that, I headed for my second studio in the garage to return to the simplicity of GarageBand running on an older version of MacOS, feeling a sense of accomplishment. But that was too easy.

i returned to my main studio upstairs to reinstall Logic 10.6 on the new Monterey MacOS feeling somewhat defeated. Maybe two updates were just too much to deal with at once. Staring at Push on my desktop, I fiddled with Ableton. Shouldn’t I master that, having invested so much money?

But I can’t resist a challenge and I prefer Logic when I’m creating anything other than House music. Besides, I’m just so mesmerized by the call of Logic Pro 10.7 and its possibilities.