2023: The Year of Submissions (Indie Gold Rush Is Over)

I’ve been agonizing over which path to choose to go all in: writing or music. And I haven’t been able to make a decision. I started reading Essentialism about the importance of choosing to do only the things that are the most important. Still trying to figure out which is more essential to me: music or writing.

And then I read an email from Becca Syne called “The Indie Publishing Gold Rush Is Over” and it all clicked. No wonder I’d lost interest in writing. Although I’d started out with an agent and a few publishing contracts, I had become an Indie Author and it was pretty awesome in its heyday. But those times are long over. And I mean long over!

So I turned my attention to music. After all, it was my first love. And I’m madly in love with this journey, but, once again, what future is there in that?

And then Haterade, a music producer from Sonic Academy, put out a tech tip video on YouTube today called “How to Set Up a Release Plan” about the importance of finishing a song and submitting it to a label or some place.

So, that’s my answer. I can work on my stories and music but only for submissions. I already submitted a short story today. No more Indie this or Indie that. Not for me. Not in 23.

Let’s see what this year brings!