#NaPoWriMo #Poem #1 Shiny House

A new shiny house spoke to me one more time
Open plan they called it to sit and stir without reason or rhyme
But thinkers and feelers like to cook in silence
Sipping and soaking and lapping up the quiet
Not surrounded by crowds and minions
with opinions
I began to miss the old house I’d left behind
The one with walls and counters and storage for wine
Alone with thoughts and plans with pen in hand
To roam about without signaling my intentions, small or grand
Dancing and dreaming with my own rock band

The dream at the beginning started so simply
But with each new house builders became so greedy
Removing walls as if we all were one
Racing to the end with nothing more than a staple gun
Where did the carpet go
Did anybody even know
The place where the kids and dogs and kittens would play
Sure it got scruffy with love and wear day after day
But the mysteries of tile so hard to clean
and worse under the soft pads of feet
Demanded my time sacrificing writing and playing and even my sleep