#NaPoWriMo #Poem #2 A Screamie Bird Is…

“What is a Screamie Bird?”
The thing that squawks with colorful curls?
I hear the question when they read the word
What else could it be, it sounds so absurd
Listen closely, it’s about a girl

She walks around town with a book in one hand
And a transistor radio in the other
On the beach playing music from her favorite band
Telling secrets with words written in the sand
That threaten to blow her mother’s cover

At night you may find her with Earthquake Ethel
Dancing til dawn and breakfast with Norm
Better than proposals from Craig at Bethel
As boring and predictable as Old Faithful
She likes her pancakes crusty, sweet and warm

A Screamie bird is not what you think it is
No feathers or bill or found in a herd
Stumbling across one is hit or miss
A Screamie bird is hard to resist
A rare breed these days this kind of bird

If “screamie” is “singer” and “bird” is a “girl”
A “Screamie Bird” can only be one thing
According to the Beatles of Liverpool
Penning the one about a hill and a fool
The question now is “can the bird sing?”