#NaPoWriMo #Poem #5 Stairway to July

There’s a woman so sure
She thought she was the cure
Until the day her world exploded
Who or what was overlooked
As she questioned the why
When she raised her fist to the sky

Her favorite month
The one of her birth
No longer had any meaning
All around her raised the flag
So she doesn’t even dare
To speak of it here, there or anywhere

The seventh month of the year
Shows up without fear
As the people march up and down
To celebrate their freedom in the whole damn town
But for her it’s not the same
She couldn’t know him or her last name

The decades come and go
Whether she likes it yes or no
Will she be climbing this time
The stairway without rhyme
Celebrating the moon’s phase
For 31 days

What once was a test of endurance
With no emotional assurance
Singing “Good bye July”
For all those getting high
Let’s all raise a glass
And to celebrate at last
The biggest adventure at sea
The story of me