Monday Means Writing (#amwriting #Romantic #Fiction)

Monday is my day to retreat. I’ve been interacting all weekend with little time in my studio. As much fun as I’ve had (check out the “Cinderella” #shorts), I’m now in my studio, inspired to write a little romantic fiction. Especially after listening to a clip of one of my favorite Wolf Kier songs – love that “Sweet Mary Lou” line. That will ring a bell for music lovers, especially those from a certain era.

So, of course, I had to do a little remix of my own. And now that clip has so inspired a scene, taking me back to the Pacific Northwest. Btw, “Raining Men” is also set in the Pacific Northwest.

When California girl BROOKE SLADE wins a “Red Hot Love Weekend” with blond surfer type BARRIE WITHERSPOON on a girlfriend’s weekend in Las Vegas, she’s sure he must be from Southern California, the only place she can imagine living. But when she discovers he’s from the rainy Pacific Northwest, she deems him “GU” (geographically undesirable) and turns him down.

So when she loses her job and the only new job available is in his hometown in wet, rainy Oregon, she find herself working alongside him. To make matters worse, he doesn’t seem to be quite as single as she thought. With new determination to make the best of things, she sets out to date every single man in the Northwest until either Barrie is out of her system or she finds the real Mr. Right. And so now it’s not only raining the wet stuff in the Pacific Northwest, it’s raining men, too. How lucky can a girl be?

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And now I must go write!

Happy Monday!