First of all, you’re probably wondering what is a Screamie Bird? Did you mean “screaming birds?” If you search on “screamie bird,” that is what you will find. But, no, I don’t mean a screaming bird.

Actually, back in the day when my friends and I were big Beatles fans, we’d looked in a Liverpool dictionary and “screamie” meant singer and “bird,” well, meant, girl. So we called ourselves the “Screamie Birds,” because we were girl singers. And songwriters. We even sent a letter to the Ed Sullivan Show.

Okay, so now that is really dating me. But the point in telling that story is that life is all about reinvention. Never stop. From technical writer to novelist to music producer, that is my path. From California to the Pacific Northwest to Florida and Las Vegas and back to Florida a few times.

Along with my companions: my super supportive soulmate husband and 3 cats, although those cats have varied over the years. We’re getting a new kitten next Friday to make it 3 again after losing our 18-year-old Skipper (in video below) a few years ago. Our home just doesn’t feel like home without 3 cats.

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