FAWM23, Songs #19, #20, #21 (DJ Kat’s Lounge Show)

After officially completing FAWM (14 songs in 28 days), I had a blast creating DJKat’s Lounge Show by combining 3 book excerpts with music as a bit of a FAWM bonus. I’m thinking of doing a whole book this way. What do you think?

Chapter 1 Excerpt from Lucky’s Last Chance (originally titled The Tom Jones Club):

The “Blind Man at the Bar” scene from Deja Vu at the Blue Diamond (aka “French Martini”)

The Prologue from Deja Vu at the Blue Diamond (aka “French Martini”):

FAWM23, Songs #17, To the Sky (#SlothCore Challenge), #18 Reach for the Sky

#Slothcore is when you create a song that is between 25-40 bpm. Song #17 (“To the Sky”) is at 35 bpm. Song #18 (“Reach for the Sky”) is the same song but at 120 bpm. Listen to how very different they sound.

“She’s Not That Good” – #Free #Kindle #Deal #RomCom

For the next five days, She’s Not That Good, a novella, is available for free on Kindle. I would love it if you would download it, read it, love it, and tell the world you loved it by leaving a review on amazon – lol!

Thank you!


Failing to launch an adult career, haunted by thoughts of never being good enough, Brandi Redwine searches for something she is good at. After chasing music and the exboyfriend in Nashville, she returns to San Francisco feeling like a loser.

Her best friend steps in and recommends her for an opportunity to compete for a job onboard a cruise ship. Her high school sweetheart is also on board, and his girlfriend is competing for the same job.

Will her entire future rest on a final performance, or will she finally realize she is good enough when she pursues what’s really in her heart?


Excerpt on YouTube.