Push 3 and Logic Pro for iPad Released On Same Day (Today!)

Wow! What a day! Sitting around waiting for the release of Logic Pro on the iPad (1 pm Miami time), I discover Push 3 for Ableton Live is a thing. Today.

It looks fabulous, of course, but the standalone model is $2K! And I thought Push2 was expensive. And why I feel so guilty that I haven’t been able to really learn Push2.

It was more alluring before Logic Pro 10 came out with a drum sequencer, which came out soon after I bought Push2. Yikes! Will the competition ever stop? lol!

You can find out more about Push 3 here and here and here and here and a whole bunch of other places – lol!

GarageBand Weekly discusses Logic 3 for the iPad. I’ll be on the lookout for more info on this one.

“Letters on Balboa Island,” Audio Excerpt #Bestseller

Thank you to all my readers of Letters on Balboa Island, a mid-century historical novel and my new bestseller. The response to this book has encouraged me to continue writing two more midcentury historical novels, now in progress.

In case you haven’t heard the audio excerpt or know nothing of this book, keep reading.


“When I was seventeen, I knew two things that were true: (1) You couldn’t help but meet a man in a military uniform in southern California in the 1950s, and (2) Sooner or later, men would leave. ” – Rosalie

When Rosalie Martin chooses to spend her life with a military man in the post Korean War era of the 1950s, she can’t forget another she met during the war. And when letters surface on Balboa Island years later, she realizes she may have chosen the wrong man. So when fate offers her the chance to make a different choice, will she? Or has she lived a life of lies for too long?

AVAILABLE NOW on Amazon.com for Kindle and in Paperback

Audio/Video Excerpt:

Logic Pro for the iPad is Coming!

Finally, Logic Pro for the iPad will be available May 23. We’ve been hearing rumors of the release for years now. At last, it’s almost here!

I’m going to love it, because I do like to do a lot of my creative stuff sitting in a comfy chair and not tied to my desk. What I don’t love is the subscription service – that’s not how I like to use my software. But it seems that’s a thing these days. It’s easy to lose track of all your subscriptions, and that’s exactly how they like it.

I have 3 subs I will not renew but that’s not until the end of this year so I guess I’ll just have to bite the bullet until then.

You can find out more details from the Apple site here.

Screamie Birds is #7 on Reverbnation for Electronica in Miami

It’s easy to get distracted with YouTube fun, uploading kitty videos, Disney and cruise videos and even challenging myself to create a variety of music during FAWM and 50/90. But this – #7 on Reverbnation for Electronica in Miami – and my release of “A Lover’s Lover” on Spotify – keeps me focused on my main goal.

The good news is, in creating a variety of music, I end up doing some of my best work in the midst of all the other stuff. And “A Lover’s Lover” is what I consider to be my best.

It’s now available for streaming on Spotify and Deezer with more to come. I would so appreciate your support of Indie Artists, both for myself and others.

Thank you!

“Lonely Girl, Lonely Boy” (#NaPoWriMo #Poem #Lyrics #50/90)

So I’ve been working on turning another one of my poems into a song. This one started out as “Mysteries of Life” and became “Lonely Girl, Lonely Boy.” More needs to be fleshed out but it’s a start.