100 Days In, 100 Days Out

It's been 100 days since we left our house in Las Vegas and checked into a local Residence Inn. Rich supervised the packing/loading of the long haul movers while I stayed with the cats. Leaving our home was the hard part about leaving Las Vegas. We met with the construction manager yesterday and we all … Continue reading 100 Days In, 100 Days Out

The “Year of Repositioning”

Last year was our 20th wedding anniversary, and we celebrated all year long, including cruises and trips to Disneyland. We anticipated that, perhaps, this year would be the year we would finally leave Las Vegas for good, especially because the real estate market was favorable to selling our house. What we didn't expect is that … Continue reading The “Year of Repositioning”

A Florida 4th of July

I think maybe the 4th of July celebrations are finally over. Last night was the first night I didn't hear fireworks going off. As for the 4th itself, we had 3 fireworks shows we could watch from our resort living room. We knew Disney would be supercrowded so we headed for our favorite Margaritaville spot … Continue reading A Florida 4th of July

If It’s Saturday, It Must Be Disney

For most of the years we lived in Las Vegas, we'd sip our coffee on a Saturday morning and say, "When we lived in Florida, we could wake up on a Saturday morning and go to Disney (World)." And that's pretty much what we've been doing now that we're back - only this time it's … Continue reading If It’s Saturday, It Must Be Disney