Epcot Says “We’re Back!”

My excitement for the opening of Epcot in the fall of 1982 began early as I was privy to the attractions through work when I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area. Having grown up near Disneyland, I was motivated to visit WDW because of Epcot - not the Magic Kingdom. When Epcot first opened, … Continue reading Epcot Says “We’re Back!”

Florida License, Disney World AP, and Writing New Songs

Our Florida license was still good so all we had to do was stop in at the DMV (we'd made an appointment), change our address, and get a new photo. With license in hand, we were then able to get our Disney World APs at Florida Resident rates. Woo hoo! We're hoping to activate them … Continue reading Florida License, Disney World AP, and Writing New Songs

Resort Living Day 1

We accomplished quite a bit on our first day, and our backs are feeling it. We've arranged the living room furniture to our liking, and once we're all unpacked, it's going to be pretty awesome. Just after sunset we showered in that gorgeous luxurious spa-like shower, and then sipped a glass of icy cold Blue … Continue reading Resort Living Day 1