“She’s Not That Good” – Producing Video, Mixing Audio in Logic Pro (#Music #Production #Audio #Excerpt)

I just had to do another video for “She’s Not That Good” on YouTube. Maybe because I was scrolling through my videos and saw this one of the Mariachi Band playing Jazz in the Piazza on the Crown Princess sailing the Mexican Riviera.

But this time I used the video editor in Logic Pro, meaning, I pasted the video I already had into Logic Pro on 1 track, which separated the video and sound into 2 tracks, and then ecorded my audio recording of a book excerpt on another. This way, I could match the video with the sound. It was so much fun!


And now here’s the result:

About “She’s Not That Good”

Meet Brandi Redwine from my latest release “She’s Not That Good”

Failing to launch an adult career, haunted by thoughts of never being good enough, Brandi Redwine searches for something she is good at. After chasing music and the exboyfriend in Nashville, she returns to San Francisco feeling like a loser.

Her best friend steps in and recommends her for an opportunity to compete for a job onboard a cruise ship. Her high school sweetheart is also on board, and his girlfriend is competing for the same job.

Will her entire future rest on a final performance, or will she finally realize she is good enough when she pursues what’s really in her heart?

Available now on Kindle

Chapter 1 Audio Excerpt
Chapter 4 Audio Excerpt
Chapter 7 Audio Excerpt

GarageBand 10.4.4 Update is Here, Too!

My blog is blowing up with all of these updates. And your head probably isn’t the only one spinning.

GarageBand for the Mac OS has also released an update, incorporating some of the fab features from the iOS version. I often use the iOS version to start a project, and then finish it in LogicPro. And now I can use the new features also on the desktop version. You never know when I may prefer to use it.

Check out the update from the GarageBandGuide on YouTube.

And, while a much shorter list than LogicPro, you can read the update features available on Apple’s web page or in my GarageBand for macOS release notes pdf.

Also, the GarageBand User Guide is here.