Epcot Says “We’re Back!”

My excitement for the opening of Epcot in the fall of 1982 began early as I was privy to the attractions through work when I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area. Having grown up near Disneyland, I was motivated to visit WDW because of Epcot - not the Magic Kingdom. When Epcot first opened, … Continue reading Epcot Says “We’re Back!”

Tampa Bay on Memorial Day

After our taste of the crowds at Disney Springs on Saturday and wait time to just get our AP,s and hearing insane reports of wait times and staggered park entrances, we decided not to venture back to Disney on Monday to catch the last day of the Flower and Garden Festival. So we headed back … Continue reading Tampa Bay on Memorial Day

Memorial Day Weekend APs

So after another Friday night at JBs Fish Camp, we headed for Disney Springs Guest Services on Saturday to trade in our Annual Pass vouchers for the real thing. We really like this Guest Services at Disney Springs - it feels like a park attraction. Well, guess what? The wait was 45 minutes. So we … Continue reading Memorial Day Weekend APs

Happy Cinco de Mayo: Good-bye Las Vegas, Hello Orlando

There is much to celebrate today. Today is Rich's last day in the Las Vegas office. It's Cinco de Mayo, which is ironic, because early last year, we discussed moving back to Florida and started the Margaritaville countdown with 3 possible dates: May 2016, Fall 2016, and May 2017. Somehow we thought that if it … Continue reading Happy Cinco de Mayo: Good-bye Las Vegas, Hello Orlando