Lucky’s Last Chance Review

Review of Lucky’s Last Chance (Originally published as The Tom Jones Club)
By Mary, Happy Ever After Reviews

One word that describes Lucky Stryker is loveless. All the men she has met have walked away from her. She has no idea why but she has a feeling it’s because of her childhood. Lucky is a complex woman with a complex life. Her whole life is centered on work and nothing else. When she does meet a guy she shies away. So because of this her life is about to be turned over literally. All she knew in her life about her mother is about to change. For years she has worked in the wine business and has made a career out of it but not by choice. You see Lucky has always dreamed of maybe singing or just doing something else.

So it comes as a shock that at a Tom Jones convention she starts singing at a lounge. Not just any lounge but one that a person knows her mother and whole sordid past. Lucky has no idea what happened in the past but right now in the future she is trying to comprehend things. Most of all is a smooth-talking cowboy name Eric Blake. Something about this man makes her feel safe and giddy with love. It is a feeling she has no idea how to cope but knows a day without him is painful. Yet through his playfulness and sexual charm she knows Eric is up to something.

Eric Blake knows a tense woman when he sees one and Lucky Stryker is one tense woman. Right of the plane she mistakes him for a country hick. Now he knows he dresses down occasionally but something about Lucky makes him want to be better. He knows inside of Lucky is a passionate woman but something always pulls her back. Something about her in Las Vegas and the whole Tom Jones convention is just beyond weird.

Through it all though is one person who might know more about Lucky than her, Mona. Eric knows that Lucky is the one for him but every time he confides his feelings she calls it childish. The passion is there between them but Erick knows that once Lucky comes to grips with her past and parents things might go past second base for them. Can he wait for Lucky or will he be like the other guys and give up on Stryker?

Lucky Stryker is definitely not your usual heroine in a romance. Here is a woman who is afraid of love. I loved that this girl is so neurotic in her own mind yet some part of her wants love but scares her. Now Eric is the man she needs to keep her balanced. In the beginning Kathy did a great job of Eric’s identity for even I couldn’t figure out what his true motive was in the book. Not only was Lucky and Eric interesting but the whole Tom Jones storyline as well. Mona and the other characters were great to read including the whole Tom Jones thing going on. Kathy did a great job and definitely a great book to read.

3 ½ Tea Cups!