My Logic Pro for iPad Quick Review

I was quite enthusiastic when I unexpectedly heard that Logic Pro was finally becoming available for the iPad. And now that it’s here and I’ve been trying it out during the 30-day trial, I’ve decided it’s not for me after all. And here are my random thoughts as to why:

  1. The learning curve is higher than I want to deal with right now.
  2. Back when Logic Pro for the iPad was on my wish list, I was mostly using an iPad for music a lot more than I am now.
    I remembered that I stopped doing that when my neck started hurting.
    I also remembered how difficult Logic Pro was when I first started using it. Learning how to use it on the iPad feels like I’m starting over.
  3. I just got a new white desk that I’m very excited about after redecorating my studio. My desktop and controllers are all working nicely together.
    I’ve been using desktop computers for decades now and coming from an old school Silicon Valley technology background, I’m more comfortable with that than mobile devices.

Fifty-ninety is coming and I’d rather spend my time being creative and not learning a new workflow on a complex tool on an iPad. Besides, there’s still so much I need to learn using Push2 for Ableton Live.

Will I try it again? Maybe… should my circumstances change.


Screamie Birds (Feat DJ Kat) Now on Spotify

I’m pleased to announce that 3 of my songs are now available for streaming on Spotify. Thanks for supporting Indie Artists by streaming and/or purchasing on Bandcamp.

A Lover’s Lover

Everybody Lies

Bagpipe Me Some Prog House

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Thank you!

Push 3 and Logic Pro for iPad Released On Same Day (Today!)

Wow! What a day! Sitting around waiting for the release of Logic Pro on the iPad (1 pm Miami time), I discover Push 3 for Ableton Live is a thing. Today.

It looks fabulous, of course, but the standalone model is $2K! And I thought Push2 was expensive. And why I feel so guilty that I haven’t been able to really learn Push2.

It was more alluring before Logic Pro 10 came out with a drum sequencer, which came out soon after I bought Push2. Yikes! Will the competition ever stop? lol!

You can find out more about Push 3 here and here and here and here and a whole bunch of other places – lol!

GarageBand Weekly discusses Logic 3 for the iPad. I’ll be on the lookout for more info on this one.

“Letters on Balboa Island,” Audio Excerpt #Bestseller

Thank you to all my readers of Letters on Balboa Island, a mid-century historical novel and my new bestseller. The response to this book has encouraged me to continue writing two more midcentury historical novels, now in progress.

In case you haven’t heard the audio excerpt or know nothing of this book, keep reading.


“When I was seventeen, I knew two things that were true: (1) You couldn’t help but meet a man in a military uniform in southern California in the 1950s, and (2) Sooner or later, men would leave. ” – Rosalie

When Rosalie Martin chooses to spend her life with a military man in the post Korean War era of the 1950s, she can’t forget another she met during the war. And when letters surface on Balboa Island years later, she realizes she may have chosen the wrong man. So when fate offers her the chance to make a different choice, will she? Or has she lived a life of lies for too long?

AVAILABLE NOW on for Kindle and in Paperback

Audio/Video Excerpt:

“Gin in the Afternoon” at Oga’s Cantina, WDW vs Disneyland

You may or may not remember this song from 50/90 during last summer. The one where we moved our whole household from Las Vegas to Florida only to discover our new house was not finished as promised. But nobody thought to tell us. What we thought was going to be 2 weeks in an AirBnb ended up being 2 months. Anyway, 50/90 was going on during that time and I just threw myself into it.

“Gin in the Afternoon” was one of those songs I wrote during that time, so after our recent trip to Disney World, visiting Oga’s at Disney World (I just had to compare it to Oga’s at Disneyland – lol), and the Enchanted Rose Lounge at the Grand Floridian, well, I just had to put them all together for this video.

Hope you enjoy!