Moving Day

We moved in a few days ago and finally have internet in the new house. Yay!

Thought I’d post a pic of Rich’s step tracker from moving day. We’re still getting things set up and unpacking – beyond exhausted but decorated for Christmas and so very happy to be home.

A Disney Christmas: 2 Parks, 3 Resorts, 1 Festival Kicks Off Moving Week

We took today off to have some Christmas fun at Disney before moving week begins.

We noticed that Christmas magnets for AP holders were available at Disney Studios and we wanted to tour Epcot’s Holiday Festival so the plan was to park at Disney Studios and then boat over to Epcot. Genius, right? Surely, this was better than parking in the Epcot lot and walking through Future World just to get to World Showcase. Surely, this approach would be a breeze, saving our poor feet significant steps.

Normally, when we do the Epcot thing we clock about 4 miles. With this new shorter plan we clocked 6 miles. Lol! Maybe because instead of staying on the boat, we got off at the Yacht and Beach Club and the Boardwalk to check out the Christmas decorations and then walked to/fro Epcot.

The highlights were: Disney Studios Christmas decorations, tacos and Margaritas at the Cantina in Mexico, the Kir at the Festival Marketplace in France, the awesome Canadian Holiday band, and the Butter Brickle Ice Cream at Ample Hills Creamery.


Almost Done!

Going nutty after another day at the “resort,” we decided to drive to the neighborhood after work last night. Of course, we arrived after dark but could see that the sod was in – wouldn’t you know it? I knew I would have to drive back this morning to get a photo of it in the daylight. The Lanai screening was also done. Enjoyed myself this morning hanging out, shopping, getting some breakfast in our new neighborhood.


Aunt Catfish’s on the River ala Art Smith

We took some time out from packing up the resort to scout out some of the neighboring beach cities and when we spotted Aunt Catfish’s on the River in Port Orange, we knew we had to stop there for lunch.

We asked to be seated on the porch (inside they were serving a brunch buffet) but we were able to order off the regular menu. Looking for something reasonably healthy, I was dismayed to notice that everything cane with a hush puppy and their “famous” cinnamon roll.

I don’t usually eat cinnamon rolls unless they’ve come highly recommended and I had determined I would ignore it when it came with my sautéed shrimp and cucumber/tomato salad. But as soon as I saw it I knew I would have to taste it.

OMG (I also try to avoid that, too, but trust me – it was definitely OMG-worthy)!! The most amazing cinnamon roll ever!! We’ve since learned you can get boxes in different sizes to go and that spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E!

The hush puppy was special, too, with a crusty outside and soft flavorful with a hint of sweetness inside – they can sometimes be a bit bland. Best hush puppy ever and I go back to Biloxi, Mississippi in the 1980s for my first hush puppy.

Rich had the Catfish with grits lunch and we both had a Bloody Mary, creating our own brunch. We’ll definitely be back – perhaps after church? I’m already thinking about the Fried Green Tomato BLT.

This is the old Florida experience Chef Art Smith is going for at Homecomin’ at Disney Springs, which is a favorite of ours, but at about a third of the cost and a whole lot closer to home, we might just stick to the real deal.


We’ve got landscaping minus sod! Plants have been planted in the front and around the perimeter of the house. We even have an extra tree on the side because we’re on the corner.

After our tour we walked on the beach, shared a Subway sandwich and checked out some of the neighborhood and town square Christmas lights.

Night #202

I lie awake on night #202 – at least I think it’s night 202 since we left our home in Las Vegas – my middle of the night math might be off a day either way.

They say that what makes something unbearable is doing it repeatedly, that the pain builds, that day 22 is more painful than day 1 because you’ve endured ut for 22 days. It certainly is self-revealing.

The worse part is being awakened several times a night by the cats reacting to this place. Cats have a sense of space and what’s home and they sense our feelings, our anxieties. And what makes it extra difficult is that Skipper is going on 18 and has special old cat needs.

Yesterday we started packing, exhilarating for us, signaling our torture here is almost over but Shadow has his usual delayed reaction, howling just when trying to get back to sleep after getting up for Skipper’s midnight feeding.

Inspired by NaNoWriMo, NaPoWriMo, and “50 Blog Posts in 50 Days,” I wrote 50 poems in 50 days on my site, most of them in the middle of the night on my iPhone, all live by the end of November. Interesting to connect with so many people through poetry.

I started thinking in poems/lyrics. It was so enjoyable, rather addicting, not only a great way to make it through the night because I loved the process, but a useful exercise, providing me with some raw material to work with in my music studio.

Thanksgiving began the kickoff to changing our lives from here to there. We’re getting closer but we’re not there yet. We’ve had such fun with so many Disney distractions. We’re thankful to be out of Las Vegas, to be back in Florida, and for our new home almost within our reach. We’re thankful for supportive friends and family and for those who take time out of their life to read our blog.