My Logic Pro for iPad Quick Review

I was quite enthusiastic when I unexpectedly heard that Logic Pro was finally becoming available for the iPad. And now that it’s here and I’ve been trying it out during the 30-day trial, I’ve decided it’s not for me after all. And here are my random thoughts as to why:

  1. The learning curve is higher than I want to deal with right now.
  2. Back when Logic Pro for the iPad was on my wish list, I was mostly using an iPad for music a lot more than I am now.
    I remembered that I stopped doing that when my neck started hurting.
    I also remembered how difficult Logic Pro was when I first started using it. Learning how to use it on the iPad feels like I’m starting over.
  3. I just got a new white desk that I’m very excited about after redecorating my studio. My desktop and controllers are all working nicely together.
    I’ve been using desktop computers for decades now and coming from an old school Silicon Valley technology background, I’m more comfortable with that than mobile devices.

Fifty-ninety is coming and I’d rather spend my time being creative and not learning a new workflow on a complex tool on an iPad. Besides, there’s still so much I need to learn using Push2 for Ableton Live.

Will I try it again? Maybe… should my circumstances change.


“Gin in the Afternoon” at Oga’s Cantina, WDW vs Disneyland

You may or may not remember this song from 50/90 during last summer. The one where we moved our whole household from Las Vegas to Florida only to discover our new house was not finished as promised. But nobody thought to tell us. What we thought was going to be 2 weeks in an AirBnb ended up being 2 months. Anyway, 50/90 was going on during that time and I just threw myself into it.

“Gin in the Afternoon” was one of those songs I wrote during that time, so after our recent trip to Disney World, visiting Oga’s at Disney World (I just had to compare it to Oga’s at Disneyland – lol), and the Enchanted Rose Lounge at the Grand Floridian, well, I just had to put them all together for this video.

Hope you enjoy!


#NaPoWriMo #Poem #5 Stairway to July

There’s a woman so sure
She thought she was the cure
Until the day her world exploded
Who or what was overlooked
As she questioned the why
When she raised her fist to the sky

Her favorite month
The one of her birth
No longer had any meaning
All around her raised the flag
So she doesn’t even dare
To speak of it here, there or anywhere

The seventh month of the year
Shows up without fear
As the people march up and down
To celebrate their freedom in the whole damn town
But for her it’s not the same
She couldn’t know him or her last name

The decades come and go
Whether she likes it yes or no
Will she be climbing this time
The stairway without rhyme
Celebrating the moon’s phase
For 31 days

What once was a test of endurance
With no emotional assurance
Singing “Good bye July”
For all those getting high
Let’s all raise a glass
And to celebrate at last
The biggest adventure at sea
The story of me

3 Drinks Later #Cruise #Music #NaPoWriMo #YouTube #Shorts

I know, I know, it’s NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month), but so far, I’ve only written 2 poems. I’m so having a blast pairing my songs and musician friend songs with video on YouTube.

Here’s my latest: the one I’m calling the “3 Drinks Later Cruise.” Actually, I wrote the first version during my first FAWM (February Album Writing Month) in 2018 and revised it during last year’s 50/90.

So… here it is. If you enjoy, please like and subscribe to my YouTube channel. And I always appreciate your likes here. Thank you so much – you’re the best!

And then there are the #Shorts – check these 2 out – “No Men in Las Vegas” (clip from the full length audio reading of my novella Raining Men) and “Cruising the Colorado River in Laughlin” with musician @WolfKier on YouTube and his “Down By the Ferry Dock” song.

15 Seconds of Sweetness

I spent yesterday rearranging my studio. I mean, not just the stuff in the studio, but I changed rooms with the cats. Yes, they have their own room with their litter and the rest is a bunch of stuff that needs to go somewhere. At least it looks lived-in and not just a litter box.

And then I started working on one of my novels. Finally. I was hoping if I changed up my space, I might feel motivated to get back to writing. So far, so good.

So, then, after my brief writing bout, I scrolled through my videos on my iPhone, and the one with Daisy when she was just a kitten when we were living in Florida the second (or third) time around, caught my eye. Then I thought about what music would be a good match for a 15-second remix and I was reminded of my “Curious” track for FAWM23. Perfect, right?

It’s getting a healthy number of views on YouTube so that made me happy. I looked to see how it was doing on “T” and – I couldn’t believe this – it was marked as “sensitive content.” Seriously? There was a link to appeal it, which I clicked right away. Okay, let’s see what happens next.

So what is “sensitive content?” T says this warning label is for “potentially sensitive content . . . such as violence or nudity.” Uh, no, none of that is in this video. See for yourself – Curious Kitty. 15 seconds of sweetness.

PS – Twitter has admitted it was marked “sensitive content” in error.

Cruising to Cabo, New Audio Excerpt from “She’s Not That Good”

Chapter 7 – Cabo – is the latest audio excerpt paired with my music from FAWM23

In case you missed the others, I’ll add the links below:

Chapter 1 – “She’s Not That Good”

Chapter 4 – “Vlogger Lady” (Parody)

“How to Use Push2 by Chip the Cat”

Ever since FAWM ended March 1st, I’ve just been having fun on YouTube. I’ve given up on writing. At least for now. Maybe because I can’t seem to stop making these clips, although I’m thinking of playing around with some Push Magic.

Hey, check out Chip’s clip – he seems to know what he’s doing and he makes it look easy. Certainly fun – certainly more fun than writing quiet words that don’t make music – lol!

(Music clip provided @WolfKier on YouTube.)