“Candy Apple Red” Meets the Women of “Real Women Wear Red” on YouTube

One of my favorite songs I did for 50/90 this year was a Laurie Anderson-style performance art song. Somebody had left a comment on one of my other songs about the similarity to Laurie Anderson and, frankly, I didn’t know who she was. So I listened to her “Red Dress” song and absolutely loved it.

So, being the author of Real Women Wear Red and songwriter of “Candy Apple Red,” I knew I had to come up with my own version of a Laurie Anderson song, creating a remix of “Candy Apple Red.” And now it’s on youtube. Hope you like it.

DJ Kat’s 50/90 Playlist for 2022 (#music #producer #EDM)

Rereading “Put Your Ass Where Your Heart Wants To Be” by Steven Pressfield tells me that editing “She’s Not That Good” is not where my heart wants to be today – lol! So, I figured this was a good time to upload my best EDM tracks for 50/90 2022 on Mixcloud.

One Night in Vegas, Version 2 (#50/90) Finale #Elvis

Another version of “One Night in Vegas” for 50/90 2022 – this one with spoken alternatives onstage and backstage. This captures one night in Vegas at the last Elvis Festival at the Las Vegas Hilton, which was the original International Hotel.

We got a backstage tour of the stage, dressing room, and the Elvis suite in the Penthouse, along with meeting Memphis Mafia Jerry Schilling and Jose Esposito. The evening was capped off by an Elvis artist performance, complete with the Sweet Inspirations and the Stamps.

This is my tribute to that night.

Dancing With Travolta=Most Fun Song for 50/90

Fifty-ninety ends in about a week but I’ve already done my 50 songs – I did it – yay! And the one I had the most fun with is a remix of a song I’d written during my first FAWM in 2018. Fifty-ninety is a fun songwriting challenge and community, but it’s high time I get back to my novels in progress.

Dancing With Travolta (Tribute to Earthquake Ethels)

“Candy Apple Red” ( Laurie Anderson #Spoken #Pop #Music #Art)

My goal for 50/90 (write 50 songs in 90 days) was to experiment with different sounds, genres, but mostly my vocals and what they’re capable of, where they find their home, etc. And 45 songs in, it seems the biggest hit (and my favorite) are the 2 spoken word pop art type songs. So much so, I’m thinking this may have planted the seed for creating a concept album of just that for the next FAWM (February Album Writing Month).

So check this one out and let me know what you think… not surprising it’s a song about red – ala my first published novel Real Women Wear Red. 🙂

”Candy Apple Red” (best with headphones)

Top 5 Songs for 50/90 2022 (#FAWM #Music #Songwriting #Challenge)

This weekend marks the last weekend in July, the first month of 50/90 comes to an end (the challenge goes from July 5 to October 1). This year I’m exploring different sounds, genres, etc. just to see what happens. I also added a “DJ” intro to set the stage for each song.

So I thought I’d post a playlist of my top 5 songs, as far as which ones got the most comments so far. Once 50/90 is over, I’ll post my favorites.

50/90 2022 Is On! #FAWM #50/90 #Songwriting #Challenge

Fifty-ninety is on its second week. In case you don’t know, 50/90 is the summer songwriting challenge of FAWM, where you are challenged to write 50 songs in 90 days starting on July 4. Last year, for the first time, I completed the challenge. In fact, I wrote 60 songs. This year we’re in the midst of moving cross-country so I’ll do what I can do. Speaking of which, here is my first song: “Nasty Lies.”